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A brief guide for those supporting and endorsing an application for a bursary from the Trust

Thank you! for agreeing to support an application by a young person for a bursary from our Trust.  Here are a few notes to inform that endorsement.


About the Bursaries

The Trust only gives bursaries to individual young people, meeting our charity scheme criteria:

- must be under the age of 21.

- must be resident and have been resident for normally five years, within the City of Nottingham boundary, although the length of time is at the discretion of the Trustees.

- must be pursuing or seeking to pursue a worthwhile activity, which is outside of their mainstream education.

- must apply for no more than the current limit of £800 per applicant, although this may be in more than one application.

- must apply through the on-line form available on the Trust’s website

Trustees expect that applicants should have their own bank account into which any funds are paid, if the application is successful.

In addition, successful bursary applicants are asked to commit to attending a Trust meeting to explain how they used the bursary and what they have gained from pursuing the activity.


The Trust does not fund groups, teams, organisations, schools or any other collective arrangement.


The Trust has been very generous over its 185-year history and particularly in the last 12 years. However, Trustees may not always award the amount applied for and may decline an application and that decision is final.


The Support Statement

Alongside the parental permission for those under 18, the Trust asks for a non-relative support endorsement for all applicants.


This should briefly state why in your opinion the young person merits support from the Trust.

It might include some personal details, which are kept entirely confidential, but which highlight the applicant's attitude to the activity, their peers, their tutor/ coach/ mentor, and/or the world in general.

What will be the added value to this young person if they pursue this activity?

How might this young person’s life or situation be changed, if only a little, by taking part in this activity?

What efforts have they made to raise other funding towards the activity?


Supporters may assist the young person in their application, but Trustees expect the individual applying to give their own personal reasons for pursuing the activity and seeking the funding.

The Trust does not accept applications made “on behalf of others”. 


Please note: Applications made on behalf of a young person are not normally considered without further detail, explanation and a personal statement from the individual who will benefit from the funding.


We ask that those who support and endorse the application, 

EITHER: complete the relevant section on the on-line application form  

OR: email a note, with the applicant’s name in the Subject line, to


We ask for the supporter's contact details, because if we have trouble contacting the applicant, we may come to you for assistance, or further details.


If you have any queries about how best to support an application, please email  

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